Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tiny Foal

I had the hardest time choosing which photo to lead with tonight; not to do with my photography, but rather that all the miniature horses paraded by Junior Bear Ranch were so beautiful! I got distracted by the Wikipedia information about horse colors first of all, then I looked up the ranch's website and fantasized about owning one or two of these little guys. Apparently the human family of the ranch has expanded, so they need to downsize the equine family for a while. I've selected several more shots of them waiting to proceed in my Overflow blog. If you take a look there, you can tell me which one you would choose.


Janet Kincaid said...

Miniature horses are evidence that the Divine has a sense of fun. These little horses fascinate me. Beautiful pictures, Elaine.

Anonymous said...

This is a nice photograph. I never saw a real horse this small and wonder what a rider might look like?

Jilly said...

How incredible. Such tiny horses. I like all your photographs and like the one you've chosen. Also like the last one with the little boy having a bandana tied around his head. But who could resist the baby horse you've shown?

Ineke said...

ah. what a cuties

crittoria said...

They are so incredibly cute!! I would choose the pinto, although that little palomino would be a close second...

Dina said...

I'll take the donkey any day! Photo #3. Would prefer a normal sized one, but whatever.

Hilda said...

Aaaawwwwww, they're so cute and adorable!!! Now you've got me fantasizing too!

I like this one because of the foal. :)

iBlowfish said...

I thought for moment there, they are Golden Retrievers... Cool shot!

USelaine said...

D.C. - Thank you, they are captivating, and bring a giggle just to see them.

Abraham - Until I came to Willits, I had not seen them either, but apparently they are all over the world. And of course, no riders. ;^) However, such horses have been used like guide dogs and other service capacities, and are exceptionally friendly.

JIlly - I liked that other shot too, and the horse he has is called "silver dapple" even though the colors are brown and flax. I've always liked that combination.

Ineke - They are!

Crittoria - Isn't that pinto stunning? And the palomino seems like the most perfectly miniaturized with his big horse proportions. I also like the black, behind the pinto, with the white frosted rump in the harness. *sigh*

Dina - That would be a perfect choice for you! This one could help you carry groceries on the bus!

Hilda - That foal with its mother finally won the day, and illustrates a genetic effect of the "creme gene". She will never be truly white, but contrasts nicely with the mare.

iBlowfish - They are said to be exactly that friendly!

Louis la Vache said...

Sacré bleu! Dining on "Louis's" relatives! Raw no less! "Louis" is shocked, SHOCKED! Not to mention outraged! “Louis” isn’t sure which is worse:
a) Eating his relatives raw!
b) Eathing his relatives cooked!
c) Eating his relatives at all!
d) All of the above

Quelle horreur!

“Louis’s” only comfort is that it wasn’t HIM on the plate!

Meead said...

They looks lovely!

Petrea Burchard said...

Can they live in the house? Hmm, I would think probably not. Awfully cute, though. All of them. Natural, or a result of human tweaking?

USelaine said...

Louis - I admit it, I'm a beef eater.

Meead - I agree!

Petrea - Apparently they can be like having a large dog, with indoor privileges but requiring outdoor space. I've seen pictures of them as seeing-eye horses, going anywhere a dog would be allowed to go.

And yes! Totally tweaked, like most domestic animals.

Ming the Merciless said...

OMG, those are teeny little horses. I've never seen one so petit before.