Sunday, August 17, 2008

Willits Starbucks

Poking around Wikipedia on the heels of yesterday's post, I looked at the Safeway, Inc. article. The Willits location was one of the supermarkets getting the Safeway "lifestyle" overhaul, resulting in a more attractive physical plant, as well as the installation of a Starbucks kiosk and expanded bakery and deli services. It's a big chain in the western US, headquartered in northern California, and used to extend even overseas. It's also a big employer here in town, with union protection for its workers. But the local Mariposa Market, which sells organic and often regionally sourced products, is expanding as well, and plans to be moved into its larger new building before the end of the year.


Meead S. said...

I read about SAFEWAY in wikipeida (thanks for the link). It was interesting. It's so large and active.

Thanks for your comment. I wasn't born on that time; it was 1979. One of the main purpose of the Iran's revolution was independence from both western and eastern countries, especially US, UK and Russia. During the past century, Iran was only a victim. Anyway, forget the history. Let's build a peaceful and lovely world.

Eki Akhwan said...

I like the elements you put together in this picture. Those "shopping scooters" (?), that Starbuck logo, and the trash can on the left ... They are nicely placed in the composition.

Thank you for visiting my blog and your comment.

Chris said...

I wasn't sure Safeway was still around. They sort of petered out when we lived in Las Vegas, and I haven't seen them there since. Yea, Mariposa!

Penny said...

I also wondered what had happened to Safeway. When I worked for them in the advertising department at 'Headquarters, Southern Britain Zone' they claimed to be the largest supermarket in the world. That was in the late 1970s.
Their stores in Britain are mostly called Morrisons now but I think perhaps a few have retained the Safeway name.
Starbucks are all over the place here - mostly associated with Sainsbury's, a British supermarket chain.

USelaine said...

Meead - Thank you for your response. It will be the men and women of your generation, in every country, who must have the faith that you have in what is possible. You give me tremendous hope.

Eki A. - Thank you for your kind assessment. It was getting just dark enough that my focus was not quite what I would like, but I had fun with the composition, and it allowed me to talk about the topic.

Chris - According to that article in the hotlink, expanded and contracted through its history, but always held on here in northern California, where it started.

Penny - You know, I once heard a rumor that Safeway was owned by a British multinational, but the article doesn't seem to suggest that. The wiki talks about Morrisons too. Maybe little Mariposa Market will be the Next Big Thing in the decades to come, with chains of stores everywhere! I guess that's how it always starts. Thank you, dear friend, for your visit.

Halcyon said...

We had Safeway when I was growing up in OKC. I think they were mostly converted to Homeland later on. I always like the big red and white S in their logo. Glad they are not all dried up!

Chuck Pefley said...

Chains are great when traveling and yield a certain familiarity when shopping. However, large chains don't allow for that feeling of "discovery" and the "wow, look at this" experience. Starbucks is too damn predictable. And even though they are "local" to me, I never step inside, preferring smaller independents instead.

Glad to see you found some scooters to photograph and post today. It's about time :)

Hilda said...

Shopping scooters? Can I have one? Some supermarkets are just too big to walk!

I think that both large chains and small, local businesses have a place in most towns and cities. Nothing beats the freshness of market produce. But large supermarkets can bring such a variety of products from all over the world that I will never be able to try otherwise.

Ming the Merciless said...

I haven't been to a Safeway since I lived in Louisiana. I love exploring supermarkets, especially in foreign countries. It's so interesting to see what stuff they sell over there. :-)

Are those motorized shopping carts for the disabled?!?!