Friday, August 8, 2008

Tie Dye

Several of the clothing shops on the Main Street promenades have made a habit of showing their wares out on the awnings, easily attracting the eyes and the feet of passers-by to take a closer look. Mendocino county is famous for wine, redwoods, and, uh, the lingering hippies of a generation ago. Mad About Tye Dye [sic] still offers these vintage looking garments, and certainly everybody should have at least one.


Laurie said...

Elaine, I love the way you frame shots. Beautiful.

Hey, my husband is only 39 but he often wears a tie dyed shirt. (Love this store's take on the spelling, BTW.) Then again, he likes the Grateful Dead, too. I think he missed his generation.

Nathalie said...

Fun comment by Laurie!
I love the colourful display. Don't think I could wear one of those myself, except perhaps as a pareo at the beach!

Irredento Urbanita said...

I remembered "mama don't cry" looking at those t-shirts.

Regards from Barcelona


Barcelona Daily Photo

Abraham Lincoln said...

Those would match a pair of shorts I got this summer. Wow.

Halcyon said...

Everyone needs a good tie dye shirt in their closet. Even if it's only used for gardening.

Knoxville Girl said...

um, yeah, gotta watch out for those lingering hippies. *carefully puts tie dye t-shirt back in the drawer*
I like how you framed this shot.

Kate said...

Ah, those were the days!!

Eki Qushay Akhwan said...

Really colorful!

USelaine said...

Laurie - I think it was a great time to be a guy, if you didn't get drafted. 8^) As for the fashion, I like it! I remember doing tie dye as a kid once, over at somebody else's house. Ours had actual lines where the strings were tied. I think these were produced with a "resist" to form the white areas.

Nathalie - So tie dye doesn't play well in France? I can see that now, but I wonder if they ever even had it in the 60s? It was very anti-corporate fashion.

Valery - Thanks for the visit! I guess you don't want to tie dye any of your "good" shirts.

Abraham - I want to see the shorts you're talking about!

Halcyon - I agree. I almost bought another one today, because the old one I have is starting to fall apart. I wish I could find one just like it.

KG - LOL! Absolutely nothing wrong with lingering! Bring it out, and show your colors!

Kate - Everything old is new again. 8^) There was a brief resurgence of bell-bottom hip-huggers earlier this year, so I snapped up a pair (Old Navy). Only I wear long shirts with it, not belly-baring ones.

EQA - Some of them can knock your eyes out, if you aren't careful!

Thank you all for the window shopping. I went inside today, and asked if they did the tie dying in the shop. Yes! they said, and yes, the blue vented door from our Metal theme day August 1st was for the clothes dryer they have. Mystery solved!

Marie Reed said...

Ohhhh! I should tie dye stuff with my kids again! It's afun art project for them. Thanks for the idea!

Hilda said...

They're still very much alive here in the Philippines. T-shirts, sarongs, skirts, sundresses, bags — you names it, you can get it in tie dyed. But being a tropical country, they don't look like throwbacks from another era. :D