Sunday, August 31, 2008

Study in Yellow, Gray, and Green

This long vacant storefront has a new tenant, and reminds me I have a watch in need of a battery. From the sidewalk on the other side of Main Street, the lines and colors just grabbed me. I created an album of variations using Photoshop Elements, which you can see by clicking on the image below. I suggest the slideshow mode when you get there. Any favorites?

Study in Yellow, Gray, and Green


Laurie said...

Elaine, I love this. My favorite is your original photo. But the photoshop palette knife and solarization versions grabbed me, too.

I'm going to keep saying it: you have such a talent for making art out of the ordinary. You capture the magic in everyday things. I just love your blog!

Saretta said...

For some reason this reminds me of a property on a Monopoly board. So simple, so square! Can I buy it?

Virginia said...

Great idea today. I am going with Cutout and then palette knife. I agree with Laurie. YOu have a real eye for taking the ordinary and turning it into something special.

Kym said...

In your photo, I can see why the yellow line on the road and the doors and details on the building begged you to capture them.

I'm not sure I would have seen it without you.

Nice capture.

Sara N said...

As laurie said "You are talented Elaine"
I liked it.
Do you know anything about Ramadhan month?
It will start since tomorrow here.I may post some related photo during these days...

USelaine said...

Laurie - And I look to your blog as a source of inspiration. Your style and intelligence are a daily dose of "must see" internetting.

Saretta - Oh, I like that comparison. 8^) If you write down a big enough number, I suppose somebody will consider it.

Virginia - Willits is certainly rich in the ordinary. LOL! You too, are very kind.

Kym - Thank you. Sometimes I don't know what I have until I get it into my computer for a clear look. I've come to realize that my favorite angle is perpendicular to the subject, probably influenced by modern/abstract paintings I've seen. Funny how one elective class taken in college (and barely passed!) can influence my way of seeing decades later.

Sara - Thank you too! I'm glad you like it. I know a little about Ramadan, because I lived with a Turkish family in Bursa for a summer back in 1977. Ramadan was included in my time there. I look forward to seeing your photos!

Thank you all for taking a look today. I also liked the "palette knife" effect, but another favorite was the "patchwork" effect. Maybe I was just proud to have my horizontals so straight. 8^)

Petrea said...

I like all the effects, but I'm with Laurie. I like the one you've chosen.

Yes, Laurie, doesn't she? You have a way of picking out something that might look desolate to the ordinary person, and making it into a beautiful photo. These are my favorites of your works of art.