Saturday, January 31, 2009

Outlet Creek Heads North

I ventured to the northernmost end of Little Lake Valley to find the convergence of three "paths" leading out of this blog's territory. One of them is Outlet Creek, the destination of the valley's watershed, which all flows north to the Eel River, which flows even further north before turning west to the Pacific Ocean.

I'm sad to hear that this may be the highest water level we'll see in it for the year. More than sad, I'm alarmed!


Laurie Allee said...

Wow, Elaine. The news just keeps getting scarier.

On a personal level, I've decided to only plant succulents and some drought resistant herbs in my flower beds this year unless I'm planting edibles. I just don't want to dump water on ornamental plants in the middle of a drought.

This is a gorgeous shot, regardless of dire warnings.

Petrea Burchard said...

That's some mighty nice moss you have there.

I noticed yesterday that Hahamongna is already beige. That's pretty early in the season for the green to be gone. I wonder why economic depression times itself to arrive with drought? We stopped watering the back yard last year. This year it may have to be the front. I want to plant a xeriscape but we can't afford the plants!

Kym said...

That is a scary story you linked to! Please, let there be rain!

tell leo once said...

This is a fascinating issue to me; I'd love to see a series of photos circumscribing the hydrological cycle of the Little Lake valley.

Perhaps a photo documentary of the Phase II water emergency is in order?

I grew up in Willits and relocated to Seattle but my family is still local. Thank you for providing this fascinating view on my home town.

USelaine said...

Laurie - When we got those December storms, we had hope. But a dry January and not a hint of white on our mountains... Where will we get water? The problem with any new plantings is they need water to establish their roots to then become drought tolerant. I'm off gardening this year, but like you say, efficient food plants would be an exception.

P - Isn't it magnificent? Yeah, new plants can be expensive, plus, well, what I said above...

Kym - I remember hearing an interview with an old-timer who said everyone seems to forget the year during WWII when the wells actually went dry! Zip! Where is it going to come from?

TLO - Because of your comment, I've added a post label called "water" that you can click on for some past posts I've done about the issue. My approach has been to mix up the themes to give an overall idea of this place from my point of view. I've definitely been concerned about how we handle this crucial issue. I'm pleased you found Willits Daily Photo!