Thursday, January 29, 2009

Muir Lane

Muir Lane is actually an alley running behind business properties from the Van Hotel on Commercial Street, south to the Henry Baker Muir department store property now occupied by J.D. Redhouse. Reading a biographical sketch of the man from 1914, Muir was a shrewd businessman with his hand in lumbering, milling, retailing, banking, energy development, telecommunications, and land brokering. There's no mention of any relationship to John Muir, the noted conservationist and founder of the Sierra Club.


Pat said...

What lovely composition, color, and lines!

Linda said...

That's certainly a pink building! Interesting that you mention John Muir. My children's school participates in the John Muir Award, and I'll be posting more about this in May when my daughter will do a project connected with it in a remote part of Scotland.

Are there many Scottish Muirs in your part of the country?

Halcyon said...

I like the pink building. What is inside?

Petrea Burchard said...

Folks keep their alleys nice an clean in Willits.

Kris McCracken said...

I'm not sure that I can endorce a puce building.

Virginia said...

Grand angle here E. Bravo

Sarah said...

Hmmm,Nice simple building.I like streets with alleys.So many alleys!

USelaine said...

Bibi - Thank you!

Lindab - The information I found about our Henry Muir said his grandfather came from the Midwestern states, but certainly the name must eventually trace to Scotland. I just looked in the county phone book, and there's just one person with the name.

Halcyon - There are shops on the street level, and professional offices upstairs. You can see other sides of it on my May 17th and 18th posts last year.

P - You know, they are pretty clean, come to think of it. But ours don't come with free-range baby palm trees like yours.

Kris - It's pastel pink, and I like it. Puce is more of a purple-brown pink. You may need to clean your glasses.

V - The light was right, is my only explanation. Thanks.

Sara - Ah! The architect examines the details! We do seem to have alleys running behind all the commercial areas.

Thanks everyone!