Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fantasy Land

Coincidentally combining elements from the previous two posts, the westernmost end of the J.D. Redhouse building mural casts the Mendocino coast into a planet of fantasy, with a moon in a pink sky as the viewer looks north. The camouflage tarp reveals the contrast between fantasy forest green paint and more realistic hues. I'm not a fan of the color "teal", but I actually like this mural. I suspect the black trailer is there if needed for deliveries of hay bales to area farms.

FantasyMuralCamoTr Jigsaw PuzzleFantasyMuralCamoTr Jigsaw Puzzle


Halcyon said...

The mural almost looks real!

The puzzle was fun too. :)

Knoxville Girl said...

fantasy? eh, I think the colors look a lot like the ones in yesterday's shot. But I liked your pixilated mural much better than this one.

Chuck Pefley said...

Love finding artwork like this. I passed a couple today on my rounds and made a note to go back under better light conditions. Fun description!!

USelaine said...

Halcyon - It looks like there's a small following for the puzzles, so I'll keep throwing them in when I think the shot will work.

KG - So many murals, so little time! I was surprised to catch two pink skies in one week. The teal green trees are the things not found in nature - at least not around here.

Chuck - I got several shots of different parts of it with different elements of the building, but this one made it with the colorful sky.

Thanks all!