Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Shopping

This will be the weekend I try to get it all done. It really is nice to have a truly "general" store in town like J.D. Redhouse, that's locally owned (not a "chain", yet), and stocked with good quality inventory. You can drive away from here with everything from a bale of hay, a pony bridle, and birdseed, to a bath mat, boots, and a bra (or berry smoothie). But what to get Mom?


Virginia said...

I 'd steer clear of hay and bridle for Mom. Just a suggestion.

Petrea Burchard said...

You made me laugh out loud and John's still sleeping! (Or he was.) Then Virginia made me laugh again.

Benjamin Madison said...

Nice cowboy - he probably hangs out with Mufflerman in the off hours. Congrats on the Pomo seal of approval - it's a nice thing when someone local likes your photos enough to want to use them.

Laurie Allee said...

You and Virg made me choke on coffee. That's hilarious.

Beautiful shot, E. I've said it a dozen times but I'm going to say it again... I just LOVE your photographer's eye.

Tash said...

The cowboy seems to be lementing over the menu - no whiskey, no steak, no coffee made over an open fire. & yes, very funny - both you & V.

USelaine said...

V - Thanks for the tip (smarty). I tried to get a picture of the hay in the loading dock, but it was too dark. It'll happen.

P - And now you made ME laugh! Poor John.

Benjamin - And this cowboy is undersized. When will I find one that's right in the middle? (Thanks.)

Laurie - At least you waited until a sensible hour for a Saturday morning. As it happened, I didn't get her anything on that list, but I did go to J.D. Redhouse today. Got her a nightgown and a turtleneck.

Tash - Poor guy! They used to have him inside, with the chalk board listing the ice cream flavors. No steak and whisky there either.

Susie of Arabia said...

Great photo and cute narrative!
We had a general mercantile store in the small town where I grew up and one could get just about anything you needed all under one roof. For Mom, how about some new PJs or slippers?

USelaine said...

Susie - Don't tell her yet, but I got her a nightgown.