Friday, December 26, 2008

Noyo Neon Detail

Thanksgiving and Christmas are big business at movie houses. With households full of gathered relatives, the food gets eaten, the games get played, then somebody gets designated to drive the younger ones to see a show. Film distributors schedule openings of selected films just for this occasion, to take advantage of ready-made packed houses. Three screens accommodate varied tastes at the Noyo cinema right here in Willits.


Anonymous said...

Noyo sounds almost Japanese when pronounced. Is it?

Babzy.B said...

the neon lights are beautiful ...i love cinema !

Ron Bloomquist said...

Well done with the neon!

Much better neon than what we have around here in fort Bragg and I've pretty near shot them all!

Well done!

Jane Hards Photography said...

It is very Lost In Translation and beautiful in a modern way.

Petrea Burchard said...

Oh, I like this one. Stylin'.

Tash said...

I wish I said what Babooshka said.
This seems an unusual post for you but an excellent one.
BTW - on the PV fountain - no little cherubs ..., but there are maidens (don't know if you caught that post earlier

USelaine said...

Abe - It's a Pomo Indian place name, from over on the coast.

Babzy - I like neon and cinema too. But I find audiences talk too much, as if they are just sitting in their own living room. I usually just rent DVDs now.

Ron - Thank you! The tubes are in great shape, but I wish they could refresh the paint inside the letters.

Babooshka - This might be the only Deco style commercial building we have in town. Thank you!

P - It's actually my second post of it, since it's so photogenic.

Tash - Thanks! I've caught some other neon, once in a while.

Thank you all!