Sunday, December 7, 2008

Running Skunk?

After a long season of feeling neglected by the company that runs the Skunk Train, several Christmas trips were planned this weekend from the Willits Depot, and next weekend, and the week leading up to Christmas. The refurbished, but scantily used depot, now houses the offices of the local Chamber of Commerce.


Jules said...

what fun - and that is one cute skunk!!! I just love the word skunk it is so descriptive!!

Virginia said...

Well maybe the name has something to do with the "feel of neglect"! That sign made me LOL>
Good one, E.

Hilda said...

LOL! Whatever made them choose a skunk? That is just too cute!

Amy at Woza Books said...

Our family rode the skunk train one glorious day many years ago. It was the best family outing. A beautiful beautiful ride through some of the few remaining Redwoods. I recommend it!

Kym said...

Living here all these years and I have yet to ride the Skunk. I'm mad at myself.

(But Amy, there are more than a few redwoods. Try heading north a bit.)

Dina said...

Oh, so the little trains had gas engines and you could smell them before you could see them! I get it, now.
The smell of skunk has to be the worst in the world. P.U.
But I'd love to ride the train today through your great scenery.

Pat said...

That is cute! I'd happily take a ride. Reminds me of Pepe LePhew.

Halcyon said...

Why do they call it the skunk train? Surely there are better mascots! Although he is sorta cute.

USelaine said...

Jules - It is a fun word. There even used to be a Skunk Motel here!

Virginia - Hey, it was tremendously popular a few decades ago, and people traveled from far and wide to ride this train. It is an eyecatching design, I agree.

Hilda - Their website explains the name; it had to do with the smell of the fuel.

Amy - You probably got to take it all the way through to Fort Bragg. They never do that anymore.

Kym - Neither have I!

Dina - Yay! You did your linking homework! But you know, I sort of like the smell of real skunks. The worst to me is sulfurous hot springs, or rotten eggs. Bleh!

Bibi - I want to ride it sometime too, but this event seems too geared for little children for my taste. I hope this isn't their swan song.

Halcyon - Follow the links! All is revealed!

Thanks everyone for daring to read about the Skunk! 8^)