Sunday, December 14, 2008

Give Me Bus Shelter

A cold mass of air swept down on Willits yesterday from Canada and Alaska, bringing a short flurry of snow, so there will be no sitting in the park enjoying warm sunshine for a while. Fortunately for folks waiting for the MTA bus, this shelter at City Park offers some comfort in rain, hail, snow.


Dina said...

Snow! No kidding! I guess Fifi will be taking a rest in that weather. Stay warm.

Hilda said...

That is the prettiest bus stop I have ever seen!

Stay warm, Elaine!

Laurie Allee said...

ANother great Elaine shot of somehting ordinary turned artistic. I love the composition here, turning this into a study of the rectangle.

Stay warm, sister! Those cold snaps up there can be bone-chilling!

Ron Bloomquist said...

I see you have changed your avatar. I liked the other one better but then...,

this IS the time of change!!

Kris McCracken said...

Where is the graffiti?

It's not a bus shelter without graffiti!

Petrea Burchard said...

I like the new profile shot!

I hope this shelter offers a windbreak. We're expecting a storm tomorrow, I'm told. We can use some rain. It's rare for us to have snow, but maybe the mountains will get some. Stay warm.

USelaine said...

Dina - I think Fifi would be fine, but her driver could run into trouble.

Hilda - I'm sure the City of Willits appreciates that! But you haven't seen a pretty bus shelter until you've seen the one in Unst, Shetland:

They redecorate every year.

Laurie - I found it hard to decide which horizontals to line up, so I went with the turf horizon. Thanks!

Ron - Well, I set up a Facebook account, so decided to freshen up the look a bit. The hand may come back later...

Kris - I'm actually a bit surprised by the lack of it too.

Petrea - It has plexiglass on the three sides, but a south wind would defeat that.

Thanks everyone! I'm staying as warm as I can. My heater is in good shape and my house is small. I'm actually looking forward to seeing some white stuff tomorrow.

Virginia said...

Well take a bow Willits. Grand bus stop with class.

Kym said...

I just heard they were having to plow 101 by Laytonville! That doesn't happen more than a couple times a year. Its snowing here quite a bit. Enjoy your white Christmas!

Hilda said...

Oh my goodness, the things you discover! That Unst bus shelter is just so fun! Thanks for the link, Elaine. It has its own site, but it's being upgraded and will be back in the new year :D