Saturday, April 12, 2008

Homage to Abraham

City Daily Photo Blog booster, and generally a spreader of goodwill and avuncular humor, our own Abraham Lincoln of Brookville, OH, has a tremendous ability to capture bees and other splendid wildlife in minute detail and glorious color. He is our Bee-Whisperer.

Alas, I am not. But I tried. And tried. Yesterday was spectacularly warm and springlike, so the minute I got off work, I went searching for bees. I found them, but they tend to move around a lot. And I can't hold my camera that still for very long. So out of all of the day's attempts, this one actually got focused on the fine little hairs on some newly sprouting apple leaves, which, up until about a second before I clicked the shutter, had a little ladybug on them. He ran to the blossom. Out of focus. *sigh*


 gmirage said...

Hi! I got a beetle in my post too! Would you like the I Spy Sunday meme? =) The theme for tomorrow is beetle, please consider joining! Thanks! and good day!

Benjamin Madison said...

I have a special "out of focus bees" folder - maybe as the weather warms up they will start to move a little more lazily. This morning here it's gloriously warm and sunny so I'm going out soon... maybe a beetle is a good idea - I don't think they move so fast. Or a slug!

USelaine said...

I jumped the gun on the beetle, mirage2g. This is the only one I got - but it amazes me that our creatures match today!

Benjamin, our north coast slugs can beat up those Pasadena slugs any day of the week. I say, go forth and vanquish.

Chuck Pefley said...

Practice makes perfect. You may be disappointed with the focus but nonetheless, a nice bright cheerful spring photo.

Now, a question? Try as I might I'm unable to wrap my mind around your comment today "professional cloud-trainers". Care to elucidate?


USelaine said...

As nice as you are to me, I was just making a snarky post to the lost effect that the clouds are so perfectly arranged in your gorgeous photo, that you must be a professional cloud trainer - it was meant in the nicest possible way, sort of. Jealousy and all that.

Z said...

I came by to say hi since you left a comment on my ladybird shot. I have to say that my old Nikon Coolpix 950 (really old in digital camera terms!) does macro photos very well with minimum fuss. It's a clunky beast, but I can't bear to part with it as I haven't found a suitable replacement yet.