Saturday, April 19, 2008

Barside Advertising

Willits has a brand new sports bar called Busters, in another completely renovated building on Main Street that had stood underutilized far too long. They have the big screen TVs showing squads of men in cute matching outfits done up in pretty color palettes running about chasing balls and feeling emotional - harmless catharsis until somebody pokes an eye out or breaks a leg. Even more notable is the availability of highly regarded, small scale North Coast Brewing Company beer on tap. Scrimshaw is a pilsner style brew from those Ft. Bragg artisans, located about 35 miles from here.


Steve Buser said...

I love to sample the local brews. It has been a passion of mine.

USelaine said...

Thanks for dropping by Steve. According to the brewery website, they are the official brewer of the 2008 Monterey Jazz Festival, so I guess they have a fairly wide reputation. If you ever come to Willits, I'll buy you a beer.

Chuck Pefley said...

Interesting name for a bar. I can see one of the tv screens through the window. Nice photo.