Sunday, April 27, 2008

Heaven on a Platter

While Ardella's is famous for their soups (as I mentioned last month), they make equally prized breakfasts. Omlettes, blueberry pancakes, even biscuits and gravy. A specialty only available on the weekends is eggs benedict, using a spectacular Hollandaise made "lovingly" in-house. Variations include florentine, portobello mushroom, or, as you see here, smoked salmon. I asked for fruit instead of potatoes, and negotiated for extra sauce. Mmmm-mm-mm.
SmokedSalmonBenedi Jigsaw PuzzleSmokedSalmonBenedi Jigsaw Puzzle


Kym said...

That looks delicious! I'll have to try them out next time I come through the area.

• Eliane • said...

This does look like a good breakfast. I don't think a hollandaise is that difficult to do yourself. I should try one of these days.
Thanks for visiting me in NYC!

magiceye said...

does seem heavenly delicious

Anonymous said...

I must say, "Thanks" for the link on dog and cat deafness. I read it and then bookmarked it for later."

Forgive me for not knowing what "hollandaise" is — looked it up and it sounds simple but apparently it isn't.

Your breakfast looks like one of those that should be taken slowly. I mean you should bite, chew and savor the tastes. It doesn't look like one of those Biscuits and Gravy breakfasts for $1.98.

I was trained to wolf-down my meals. And the United States Army trained me to kill people.

And they gave me drugs every single day with my meals that came in a box called "C-rations."

The meals made me want to kill the cooks, and the drug was nicotine found in the Camels, Lucky Strikes, Chesterfields, and Pall Mall (pronounced Pell Mell) were addictive.

They allowed 30 minutes to "wolf-down" our food and taste it later.

It was often hard to drink scalding coffee out of a steel helmet or pot that you took a bath in that morning.

Your photography skills are really nice to behold and your writing is really nice to read. A nice post.

Thanks for coming to my blog and for the comments you leave there.

iBlowfish said...

You could go wrong with omelettes and blueberry pancakes for breakfast, and you photo make me hungry now. Cool shot. And thank you for your information about Peregrine Falcon in my blog.

USelaine said...

kym - I hope you will (and mention my blog if you remember ;^))

eliane - Thank you for visiting from the Big City!

magiceye - It is so good.

Abraham - Thank you for your story (all your stories!), and your kind compliments. And yes, it's a breakfast to take your time with, definitely.

iblowfish - I hope you have had something good to eat by now! And thanks for posting that falcon picture on your blog.

Destitute Rebel said...

God I miss biscuits and gravy, I wish we had them in Pakistan, this picture was a heaven on CDP for me.