Sunday, April 20, 2008

Earth Day 2008

Because of a cold wind and threatening skies, the Earth Day events were moved from the park across the street into the community center. The mural is actually there all the time, but it especially suits today's designation. I'm told this building was originally built as a supermarket, but now along with a community meeting space, it houses City Hall. I wish something could be done to spiff up the interior. Anyway, people seemed happy to browse the information tables between scheduled presentations.


Anonymous said...

These are neat photos. Didn't expect a supermarket and the inside reminds me of a WWII aircraft hanger. Nice idea of having an Earth Day though.

I went through all of these save the Earth themes several times in my life but back in the 70s I thought we could make some improvements and we did, but advertising had its way and we went from doing good to bad and among them are the big SUVs that replaced solar panel fitted cars.

We still slaughter whales, and all kinds of fish to the point now that the salmon are no longer coming back to spawn. And our environment still has more tree stumps than trees.

Mankind, for the most part, wants a Garden of Eden but don't want to give up the chemicals to pay for it.

So I don't hold out much hope against the desires of Wall Street who wants to make a buck for fat cat investors living the life of luxury in the Bahamas.

Destitute Rebel said...

Thanks for stopping by Lahore Daily, I believe this is my first visit to your blog and you have some amazing photographs from your town, I will be sure to keep coming back.

USelaine said...

Abraham - I know exactly how you feel. We are so ready to be told what we need by people who want our wages. I'm not convinced we can ever bounce back.

D. Rebel - Thank you for visiting and your kind words. Our architecture can't hold a candle to yours, but this is the wild west.

Poly said...


You are right, I made the changes. I hope muy blog "works" better. Tanks for yuor comments, I apreciate that.


USelaine said...

Oh, thank you Poly! Your photos are beautiful of Mexico City - thank you for the page adjustments!

Ken said...

That is a very nice mural. The building may need some sprucing up but its functional.

USelaine said...

Ken, I shouldn't have complained. You're right, it works well and is centrally located. I like the skylights too.