Thursday, March 5, 2009

Drinking Fountain

Before this most recent series of storms embraced us with welcomed rain, I explored a greenbelt trail up in Brooktrails. I hadn't realized they had an old parcourse, children's playground and this softball field along the way. Why am I featuring the drinking fountain? I just read in Wednesday's paper that, here in Little Lake Valley anyway, the water crisis has been averted by the water falling from the sky! Our supply reservoirs are nearly topped off, which should carry us through the coming dry season if we are sensible about its use.

Yay! Elaine will stop talking about drought all the time!


Dina said...

That is really great news! Enjoy your water.
I read that lately you can hardly find a working drinking fountain in Jerusalem. Not because of the water shortage, but because of the new habit of just buying a bottle of water along the way. I never leave home without a bottle of water (from my faucet).
Shalom to you, Elaine, and happy spring.

Pat said...

Finally some good news about water. Thank you.

Halcyon said...

Yay for the end of the drought!! But you can still talk about it, I don't mind.

Kym said...

Thank God for rain! (Though I'll be glad to have a sunny day to work in the garden.

Petrea Burchard said...

Really? I'm so glad to hear it! I know the governor just declared a water emergency for the state of California, but I'm glad to hear at least one part is in good shape.

My word verification is "table." Perhaps as in "water table"?

USelaine said...

Dina - I was surprised to discover this one, practically out in the woods. Communities used to have more public drinking fountains it seems, but perhaps they were too often vandalized. Happy spring to you as well!

Bibi - The truth is, I was astonished when I read the local news about it.

Halcyon - We may still have a long dry season ahead, and the temptation will be to use too much of our water capacity for irrigating irresponsibly.

Kym - The clouds have been pretty with all this mixed weather, and you have captured those gloriously.

P - We all depend on the water supply in the great agricultural areas of the state, and they are still in trouble. I read that Imperial county has 25% unemployment!

Thanks all!