Friday, March 6, 2009

Construction Progress

Work continues apace on the office construction on the site of Mason Cook's towing and automotive services lot. When the developer started, it was to be a mixed retail frontage, but an engineering firm down the street spotted it, and grabbed up a lease on the whole new and spacious complex. It's good to hear that the firm needs to expand and add staff, and good to see builders employed. Before the recent rains this past week, the roof was already on.


Saretta said...

That uncompleted roof is an amazing maze of lines and shadows...nice!

Dina said...

A happy story.
I'm always fascinated to watch these American-style wooden buildings going up. Everything in Jerusalem is stone or concrete.

Halcyon said...

Construction here in the US takes no time at all. It's so different from Europe.

Please stop by to take a look at my photo today. It reminded me of Willits!

Virginia said...

Good news indeed. I am liking those spiky shadows your found. Good job.

USelaine said...

Saretta - I was shooting through a chainlink fence, so the angle was sort of dictated to me. It worked out.

Dina - I wonder if we are the only ones. It was all brick and mortar in the other places I've seen too.

Halcyon - It must be the lightness of wood and nails. Or maybe European laborers have more generous contracts.

V - Thanks! It's a psychological boost to see this kind of develoment right now.

Thanks all!

Petrea Burchard said...

I really like the shadows you found here. Happy to know folks are workin' in Willits!