Sunday, February 8, 2009

For Tomorrow's Archeologists

Remnants of technology gone by, these glass telephone line insulators lie near the abandoned railroad tracks crossing Walker Road, itself a remnant of old Highway 101. Chipped and broken, I suspect these are not collectible like the ones recycled by crafters for last year's Christmas fairs. I appreciate finding such treasures of the past, but would be glad to see all the overhead wires and cables go underground. Perhaps any kind of land-line will soon be obsolete.


Hilda said...

I'd be glad to see all cables go underground too! A rarity here in Manila.

Capdiamont said...

the railroad tracks are not abandoned.

Kym said...

My dad used to collect those insulators. The ones aged lilac by the sun were the most beautiful.

Petrea Burchard said...

I do like the insulators. Even the clear ones are pretty. But I wouldn't miss the wires. They're everywhere, like a virus. I think we have the technology, but the cost is prohibitive.

We've got to start somewhere, though!

Halcyon said...

I think overground cables will still be around for awhile as they are less costly. Although, maybe that will be one of Obama's infrastructure projects!

Kris McCracken said...

I think that we need to go back to jungle drums, smoke signals and carrier pigeons.

It was all downhill from there.

USelaine said...

Hello all, sorry to be tardy here.

Hilda - It would sure make better photography opportunities!

Capdiamont - Well, I've tried to tell myself that they will be repaired and operational again. But the more I look at the remaining tracks, the more even I can see of the repairs that would be needed. The passage of time simply is working against it. Did you know the track crossing on 101 just north of Willits has been pulled up and paved over with asphalt? Ties are rotting, and rails are tilting. I'm glad the right-of-way is still being preserved so far, and therefore not legally "abandoned", but it would take The New Deal to get this all working as it was, and I'm saddened that nothing is forthcoming.

Kym - My mom had a few too, but didn't get deeply involved like the folks on that linked page.

P - Oddly enough, the phone line is underground that goes up my mom's road to the homes, miles from the highway. I don't know what the relative costs are.

Halcyon - We need so much renewed infrastructure, I hope wisdom soon prevails. I would think once the lines are underground, the overhead hazards would be lessened, bringing down maintenance costs over time.

Kris - Well, then there's that.