Tuesday, February 17, 2009

METALfx Employee Patio

The outdoor break area is too damp for comfort these days for employees of METALfx. A recent story in the local paper indicates far greater discomfort is looming for them if this manufacturing company decides to leave town. The hope is that they will sufficiently retrench by simply consolidating their two Willits plants into one. If that doesn't pencil out, 150 jobs will go somewhere else.


Anonymous said...

Not counting the person behind the lens, the scene kind of lacks a woman's touch. Where would the company go? poof or south?

Anonymous said...

In these economic times just having a job is great. I suppose if the company moves that the employees will have a chance to move with them.

Brookville Daily Photo

Halcyon said...

My company has had some lay-offs on the shop floor - thankfully (for me at least) not in the offices, yet. Times are tough all around. I hope they find a solution for this plant that benefits the community.

Virginia said...

Urban still life. Nice one E.

Rosie said...

Tough times for everybody uhm?

Laurie Allee said...

More than any other recent image I've seen representing the economy, this one really sums up the mood. Nice capture, Elaine. It seems like I hear about job losses more than once a day, now.

Petrea Burchard said...

Your framing is perfection here.

I hope they stay. I have friends looking for work. People want to hire them but they don't have jobs to give.

USelaine said...

PA - They would consolidate somewhere else.

Abe - I hope they would for their sakes. But when they go, they take their local spending with them. They might have working spouses as well. It becomes a domino effect for the community.

Halcyon - I hope they do too.

V - Thanks.

Rose - I expect we will hear more local stories like this, sad to say.

Laurie - When private companies fold, the tax base shrinks and affects government jobs too. Behold, California!

P - It's out of our control at this point. I'm glad I don't have any debts.

Thanks everyone!