Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mariposa Metamorphosis

I wasn't around Willits for the beginnings of Mariposa Market, but I'm told they once were located in the shop spaces behind a wall I posted on this blog last spring. For the past decade, they have done business behind this iconic mural. Now, once again, they have metamorphosed into a new and larger space, right next door to the last one, on the site of the old Skunk Motel. They dedicated themselves to natural and organic foods, health products and clothing way back when only "hippies" were interested in such things. Today, they have more mainstream competition, but seem to be going strong on greater mainstream interest.


Halcyon said...

Let's hope the economy doesn't affect the market too poorly!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that brings back some memories. If I recall, when Mariposa was back by YumYum Tree, it had more of an open air market kind of feel to it.

And if memory serves, the building the store was in for the past decade, had always been a store, but used to be called the Happy Belly Market.

Hilda said...

Good for them! Actually, we all really should be more conscious of what we eat and how the food's grown. The incidence of cancer seems to be going up here in Manila. How about there?

Stained glass? The colors are gorgeous, whatever the butterfly's made of.

USelaine said...

Halcyon - I hope so too!

Eric - I wasn't in Willits in those days, so never saw the Happy Belly, but I like the name. Thanks for filling in more info on this.

Hilda - I don't know our stats for cancer, but everyone here is concerned about food security, which includes reducing reliance on long-distance transportation as well as health promoting agricultural practices. The window is stained glass, and I agree about the colors.

Thanks everyone!