Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dog Walk

Finally a little rain broke the dry spell on Friday, and while it wasn't enough to contribute to the municipal reserves (less than an inch predicted), at least we are somewhat damp again. But while the sun still shined, people could walk their dogs without much suffering. My camera couldn't resist this recumbent tricycle rider with his gorgeous husky strutting by Recreation Grove.


Fio said...

Funny scene :))

Jilly said...

What fun. Love the two of them together. Beautiful dog.

Virginia said...

Replete with pirate flag!!! HA THis is a great shot E. Good for you for not letting him pedal on by.

Knoxville Girl said...

you are on a roll here, woman. photographer watching rider watching photographer, dog oblivious. hoist the jolly roger, full speed ahead.

Kim said...

Ah, NorCal in winter! This is so beautiful. Even if you haven't had the rainfall you need, that stand of trees looks so verdant and inviting. And that dog is absolutely gorgeous. Our daughter begged for a Husky for years, but knowing how much they need to run and be active, we parents weren't willing. Maybe if we'd had a trike like his we would have reconsidered (we ride bikes, but seems too dangerous to run dogs while riding bikes).
Seattle Daily Photo

PS, one more reason I loved yesterday's shot: the reflected light in the puddle made three windows of light, and the fence in the foreground gave the shot rhythm and more dimension. -K

magiceye said...

love this image!

Petrea Burchard said...

Ah. I'm relieved to see the pedals. At first I thought the man was being pulled by the dog. It reminded me of the saying, "if your dog is overweight you're not getting enough exercise."

USelaine said...

Flo - I've seen a few on bikes, but only this pair with a trike.

Jilly - I"m glad you spotted him, because he looks like he's been groomed for the show ring. I can imagine how he does in our sweltering summers.

V - Too bad pirate flags aren't a bright orange or day-glo green for visibility, but the dog glows instead.

KG - Hey! I didn't think of that!

Kim - We're enjoying it while we can, and hoping this change in weather will surprise us with actual reserves. Huskies are spectacular, but it gets awfully hot here for many months. Maybe they go to the ocean.

Magiceye - Thank you!

P - Speaking of pulling, there's a Cairn terrier, or similar small dog, that is walked by a bicyclist. The dog appears to love it so much, that when they start up from, say, the grocery store, the dog takes the leash in it's mouth as it runs ahead, as if to say, "come on! come on! let's go!", before they get up to speed. It's too fleeting, so I haven't caught it, but it's hilarious.

Thanks all!

Kris McCracken said...

I'd have the dog hitched up to pull!

Babzy.B said...

good way to walk a dog !!