Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dog Laws

This sign was posted all around the periphery of the cemetery. I suppose the neighboring properties have livestock, and when mourners bring their pets some conflicts ensue. Tucked away on this edge of the lot, the grave of an infant lies, long gone in 1910.


Pat said...

How intriguing...I wonder how this one little grave was placed outside...any info?

Babzy.B said...

Killings the dogs this sign seems too violent to me !

Anonymous said...

Yes, well the dog doesn't know that isn't a fire plug. I suppose if I had a relative buried there that I would be furious if a dog peed on the grave stone.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Anonymous said...

Dogs worrying will be shot?? Glad they don't shoot people for worrying. ;)
Little graves of little kids are always so sad to see.

Petrea Burchard said...

It seems like too much to me, too. But I'm not a farmer or a rancher and I know they have their concerns. Livestock is an investment they can't afford to lose. Dog owners must take responsibility for their pets. As a dog owner, I know it's up to me.

Interesting juxtapositional shot, E.

USelaine said...

Bibi - It's still within the cemetery lot, but it is near the edge. The wire fence behind it shows where the lot stops.

Babzy - Well, if the dogs are killing the sheep and cattle, it seems like a fair defense.

Abe - Now that would be a bit extreme! I don't think anyone shoots dogs for whizzing.

Dina - I think they mean the word in the sense of active agitation and harassment. But you knew that. 6^)

Petrea - What comes to mind for me is the recent attack on some miniature horses in Little Lake Valley. No animal deserves to be torn apart by another, or even terrorized by one. As you say, the owners of the dogs must assume responsibility for controlling their pets at all times.

Thanks all!