Monday, October 6, 2008

Harmless Fool

Well, whoever this person is, I hope they are as harmless as they claim. The truck certainly brightened up an otherwise gray day. Anyone care to interpret the meaning of the artwork?


Dina said...

Wow, great find! I'm hoping it's an egg delivery truck. Even the hubcaps looks like fried eggs.
The cock on top of the world could be a Chagall painting.
Long live the harmless fools of the world!

Pat said...

Not a clue, except maybe it is an egg delivery truck. Haven't seen one of those ambulatory sellers for a long time, fool or not.

Jules said...

What fun - great sense of humour!!!
Maybe it belongs to a retired chicken farmer driving across America!!!

Hilda said...

I agree with Dina and Bibi about it being an egg delivery truck. Looks cool, though the claws up front look scary in that size.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the guy wrote a book for chicken farmers?

Or, maybe it is a neighborhood children's ice cream truck that plays chicken sounds.

Halcyon said...

Is is a fried chicken truck that stops on corners for lunch-on-the-go?

Or maybe it's a high-class transport for cock-fighting opponents?

Whatever it is, it's neat.

Virginia said...

Oh these are all great ideas. I guess your part of the country/world would play into all this. Down here in Alabama, it's a no brainer. IT's a traveling cock fighting wagon of course.

Knoxville Girl said...

electric koolaid acid test. ex-hippie with a chicken fetish. groovy, man.

Kathleen McQueen Wright said...

Cluckin fool.. love it

Jilly said...

How fabulous. I saw a van here one day covered in paint and design but nothing as marvellous as this.

Sarah said...

My visit of here,after a long time :)
Nice and atractive art,Great shot Elaine!
Thanks for shareing it!

USelaine said...

Dina - I like those wheel hubs too. It all seems as dreamy as a Chagall.

Bibi - And I think I've never seen one!

Jules - He must have had nearly religious feelings about his work!

Hilda - Those claws are what made me glad the sign said "harmless"!

Abe - I think I like your ice cream with chicken sounds best of all! No more of those candy-coated nursery tunes for us! 8^)

Halcyon - I'd prefer the fried chicken chuck wagon to the fighting cocks!

Virginia - And here I thought all that was outlawed! If so, he's hiding in plain sight.

KG - I think you're thinkin' like I'm thinkin'.

Kathleen - Good times in the streets of Willits, is what it is. 6^)

Jilly - Your Maserati driving neighbors just need to try harder, is all. Break free and embrace their inner totems!

Sara - I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Lucky Dip Lisa said...

I followed your reply to my post on the forum (thanks!) I love this van! Very cool and a great photo opportuninty! I enjoyed your horse/cafe story below too.

tr3nta said...

very picturesque van...

Troop 1309 said...

LOL That is a cool photo!

Anonymous said...

he/she likes chickens

Danial Bigham said...

Wow' It's beautiful car.