Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fifi in the Rain

Fifi (le Velocipede) was safely tethered to the front porch while significant rainfall pounded down around her and the redwood trees beyond. Yes, she is festooned with fake flower garlands. Is there something wrong with that?


Babzy.B said...

I'm not very fond of fake flowers but the flowers are gone now so later i hope you will decorate Fifi with beautiful fresh flowers ;)

Dina said...

Garlands on Fifi, it's so you, Elaine. Alas, I'd never come up with such an idea.
Hope she's OK in the rain.
Still no fenders?

Wayne said...

It's a bit, you know, girlie.

If you're going to be riding on Willits wet roads Elaine you may want to shop for some metallic pink fenders. Or maybe get an easy to clean jacket.

Pat said...

I at first thought you'd left your dog in the rain! I think Fifi looks great with her flowers.

Marie-Noyale said...

Nothing wrong with Fifi, I have a Very old pink bicycle at my mom's house in France that I use every summer!
Take good care of Fifi,she doesn't like the rain!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with fake flowers in my book. See them all the time in desert cemeteries. That's an unusual shade of pink.

Chuck Pefley said...

and here I thought the rain was making those flowers bloom ... until you went and burst my bubble with your truth telling :)

Laurie Allee said...

Elaine, have I told you lately that I absolutely adore you?

Here's to garlands! Lots of garlands! And to riding head back with your mouth open in a sudden shower.

Tash said...

fifi is a beaut - so elegant with the dipped frame & the smokey pink

Dina said...

Thanks for your comment. Would you believe--Porush is only 4 years older than Barkat! I should have included ages in the post.

USelaine said...

Babzy - Maybe for a special occasion, I'll get real flowers. 8^)

Dina - Still no fenders. I should call the shop, because I don't think they will call me.

Wayne - Girlie? Exactimundo! Fenders have been the plan, just waiting for ones that fit the bike. The company that made the bike didn't supply fenders to match.

Bibi - Fifi (le Velocipede) was under the shelter of the porch roof. We watched the rain high and dry.

MN - I plan to take good care of her! Pink bikes are the best, I now believe. 6^)

PA - The color is sort of a light frosted magenta. I like it. In my youth, I avoided pink. But now I own it.

Chuck - There, there now. As Babzy said, real flowers will have their day again. (Poor guy.)

Laurie - If I could survive the "head back" maneuver, I'd do it, but... Anyway, yes! Garlands rule! XO

Tash - I definitely wanted a "step-through" frame, which we used to call "girls bikes". I was lucky with the color.

Dina - Yikes! I didn't mean to insult anybody, but they look like they could be father and son!

Thank you everyone!

Petrea Burchard said...

The only thing missing is the flower wreath for your hair, but I suppose you keep that inside. If you don't have one I'll make you one.

Rain! Rain! Rain! Woohoo!

Profile Not Available said...

NOTHING wrong with that! Perfect touch!

Meead said...

Hey Elaine, I'm here after a long time. I like this post: Fifi :)

Benjamin Madison said...

Nice, but where's the motor? And no fenders? That's a bit racy.

USelaine said...

Petrea - When I get a helmet, more flowers are waiting. The rain was very good. 8^)

Kelly - Sometimes too much is better!

Meead - I knew you would appreciate my bicycle. Do you have one in Portland?

Benjamin - Fenders are rumored to be coming. She does look a little undressed without them. A motor is for the day I give up on my seven gears. It could happen.

Thanks for coming around, all.