Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fighting Fire with Fundraisers

The annual fire department open house and raffle is always a big hit, and provides vital support for volunteer training and equipment purchases. They have to be ready for anything, any time, to keep us alive, intact, sheltered, and in business. More photos linked here in my Overflow blog.


Kim said...

Elaine, nice composition and a nice event, too.
Seattle Daily Photo

Stevenson Q said...

wow elaine! You captured the essence of the photo that shows how intricate these fire truck machines are! Good job! And a good celebration indeed!

Thanks again by the way for reminding me to update my profile! hahaha I've been told so by babooshka of ramsey but I have forgotten! Thanks again so much! Have a great day! Oh my! The sky right now here is colored yellow! And raining so hard too bad I have posted already. I wish to capture photos of it^^

Mabuhay and God Bless!

Jim Klenke said...

They sure got that all nice and shiny.

Burd Zel Krai said...

cool photo!
i don't think ive ever seen that before (that's the inside of a cabinet on the fire truck, right?).
clever title too :)

The D in D & T said...

really awesome photo - great composition.

Halcyon said...

Your city is really active! I think I want to move to Willits. :)

This is a very nice photo, and a very good thing they're doing for the community.

USelaine said...

Kim - thank you so much. You are always so generous, and have one of the most inspiring blogs going.

Cavite - You see? We notice these things. Happy Birthday!

Jim - They were ready for company coming over, it's true.

Burd - Thank you. Yes, that's the inside of one of the side cabinet panels. It had so many gauges, it looked like they could play the hoses like a pipe organ.

D - Thank you. It was one of those photo opportunities with loads of possibilities.

Halcyon - Lately, there have been so many events, I just can't get to them all! It's that time of year I guess. This blog has certainly gotten me out to things I would have missed otherwise. You're welcome in Willits anytime. Oh! And check out the updated Little Lake Industries post... I got an "after" picture.

Carraol said...

Great post, it looks almost like a Formula One cockpit.

Hilda said...

Whoa, this is the first time I've seen a firetruck's panel up close. Dizzying! Didn't realize it would have so many gauges, levers and what-not.

Neva said...

quite the piece of equiopment! Kelly(From Geneva DP) and I had an chance to see some equipment as well while we were at lunch yesterday.