Monday, March 17, 2008

Manzanita Blossoms

Ah, well. My clock and the Blogger clock are just enough out of sync, that my pub photo counted as a double for yesterday. Something equally green is the native manzanita bush that grows in the more open inland areas of Mendocino county. Right now, they sport lovely little bell-shaped blossoms, like this one found on Muir Mill Road, just south of town.
ManzanitaFlowers Jigsaw PuzzleManzanitaFlowers Jigsaw Puzzle


Anonymous said...

Your manzanita bush has lush looking leaves and pretty flowers. Any bees?

USelaine said...

Hi oldmanlincoln,

I didn't see bees around the manzanita, but maybe they are the small, wild kind I have found enjoying oregano flowers in my garden. They are skinny enough to get in the small opening of the manzanita flower. If I get better with the macro function of my camera, I might catch one later this year. Cheers!


Dina said...

Oh, so manzanita is a bush. Good to see for comparison. Thanks for leading me here.