Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I went in to Paradise Cafe to cool off and get a "smoothie" last weekend, and saw this tableau across the room. This cafe offers free wireless internet connection along with sandwiches, salads, and blended fruit shakes and vegetable juices. This gal's hairstyle suggests an enthusiasm for reggae music, and the luggage behind her suggests she is on the road. She probably lives somewhere in the San Francisco bay area, and has been to one of the many music events held in the summertime up north of Laytonville.

Other locations for free wireless internet connectivity in Willits include JD Redhouse, Shanachie's, and the Willits branch of the County Library.


Sara N said...

It is intersting to have all of them together!
Very comfortable Cafe and good for relaxing!

Laurie said...

I love this shot. I really feel like I'm right there in that cafe.

Virginia said...

You always capture such interesting vignettes. I am still hesitant to take photos of strangers like that. I want to but chicken out. I really like this one. Wonder how BW would look?

Hilda said...

Sounds like my husband's kind of place: coffee and wi-fi! ;)

Sarah D said...

Nice shot and I love the capture of the stranger.

Jilly said...

Love the composition of this. Love her concentration. There's something really friendly about cyber cafes I always think.

Halcyon said...

She seems very engrossed in her computer. Maybe she's booking her next hotel? :)

Do you ask people before you take pictures of them? I agree with Virginia, I do not like to take pictures of strangers, especially to post on my blog. I wouldn't really like it if someone took my picture secretly. In any case, I'm not that great at incognito - my flash would probably go off or something. :s

Bibi said...

Nice "slice of life" shot! Wish I were on the road now.

Benjamin Madison said...

Nice capture. And the tall thing beside her guitar case? A didgeridoo?

Petrea said...

It makes me itch for a road trip. I love to travel alone, take a book or a note pad, find a cafe I've never been to and duck in for coffee and quiet time.

Marie Reed said...

Yeah!!! Wifi! I wish that my laptop's battery asted longer than 30 minutes unplugged!

USelaine said...

Sara - I think more eating places are thinking of doing this. Lucky for people with laptop computers!

Laurie - I hope someday you can be!

Virginia - Thanks. I guess I have a degree of stranger-snapping. I suppose I wouldn't post it if she didn't know I had my camera out. The profile seems safer too. I really draw the line at associating people's names with their picture if I don't have permission.

Hilda - It makes me wish I had a portable computer.

Sara - Thanks, and thanks for visiting!

Jilly - Thanks! I liked the contrast of her focus making her isolated from the exuberant color and light around her.

Halcyon - I never hide the fact that I am taking pictures for that very reason. I probably wouldn't have taken a closer, more full-faced shot. Again, a matter of degrees. I'm never sneaky about taking photos out and about. I also respect people's privacy if I'm visiting their property, and I ask them if they mind being identified or not. Names are more easily searched on the internet than likenesses.

Bibi - The road sounds good to me too. It's been a long time. The older I get, the lighter I know how to travel, too.

Benjamin - I wondered about that too. It seemed to be part of her stuff, but it was leaving a waxy mark on the window. It didn't seem to have a mouth piece, so it also could have been a rainstick.

Petrea - I like the kinds of journeys where I can follow my nose, and make it up as I go along. Exploring, resting, musing.

Marie - I didn't think of that problem - I've never had one!

Thanks everybody! Sorry about the late response.

D.C. Confidential said...

What a welcoming shot. It says, "Come. Sit. Stay awhile." Very nice!