Saturday, September 20, 2008

Miracle Mile #6: High Speed DSL

Another one of the typical motels on the southern strip of Main, the Holiday Lodge offers two amenities often demanded by travelers: a swimming pool, and free DSL connections for computer users.

I'm having computer problems, including browser function that comes and goes. If I don't get back to you, it means I've slipped out of cyberspace for the time being.


Marylène said...

That is exactly why I like American motels, not so expensive, quite convenient and to be found every where.
I wish we had the same kind of accomodation in France. I am sure I would travel a lot more in my own country if I could make it randomly (?).
No schedule, stop where I want being sure to find one motel for one or two nights, and just a little more heat than we have right now to use the pool !!! Would be heaven !
Thanks for sharing.

Laurie said...

This is such a classic, 20th Century Americana image... until you read the sign! Great capture, Elaine.

Oh, and I hope your computer gremlins vacate toon.

Virginia said...

A teeny tiny pool, but a pool nontheless. Very vintage. All that's missing is a sign that says "AC and TV!)

Hilda said...

Free? Nice! Most hotels here offer DSL too, but for a fee.

Hope your computer problems don't last long!

USelaine said...

Marylène - You give me a new appreciation of American motels!

Laurie - Well, I think the DSL will be classic soon. Just like "dial phones".

Virginia - I couldn't get it all in one frame, but there definitely was a sign saying "POOL".

Hilda - Yeah, free DSL would draw me in if I had a portable computer.

Thanks everybody! My computer problem seems to have cleared up, and I am so relieved! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I've got it under control. 8^)

More good news - it rained yesterday! Yay!

Petrea said...

I love the pic Elaine, perfectly composed in more ways than one.

Marylène, it's interesting to get your perspective. I love to go on the road and not know where I'll stop. In remote areas you take your chances, but usually there's a hotel. I hadn't thought about how fortunate that is. I also love traveling in Europe (not that I get to do it often) and staying someplace sweet and perfect that I've chosen carefully. Vive la difference!